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Go Go Gadget Go Go Gadget

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


You know, I use to think soulja boy single handedly killed hip-hop. But god damn was i wrong. You not only killed hip-hop. You massacred that shit outta it, you strangled that shit outta it and raped that hell outta hip-hop. YOU WENT TED FUKEN BUNDY on hip-hip. Charles Manson on hip-hop. And after you murdered hip-hop you continue destroying it, FUKEN NECROPHILIA ON HIP-HOP. FUUUUCK! QUIIIIIIIT RAPPING!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Broken-Needle responds:

hardy har har

MadWigged(+) diss 8 MadWigged(+) diss 8

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Imma say this in the MOST polite way that i can. FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD! QUIT FUCKING RAPPING! No disrespect but... 1.BN put grammar 2 ya L for ya, Mad A B n, C, D, E, F ya G on the spot, H I (scratch G, H, I)J K, L eM aN O P, Q R, eSTee, U V, W X, so Y Z? WHAT IN THE FUCK! 2. and 4 the flow being off <-- YOU SAY THAT IN EVERY COMMENT YOU PUT NOT TO MENTION YOU ALWAYS SAY YOU WERENT REALLY TRYING ON ALLLLLLL OF YOUR TRACKS. Sorry dawg but, You suck ass... no wait.. DONKEY BALLS AND ASS. Quit.... Please.... take it into consideration... -GhostRyTa

Broken-Needle responds:

wtf? looks like humpers003 is back?